10 interesting facts few people notice about Facebook founder – Mark Zuckerberg


Facebook founder – Mark Zuckerberg. I am also a Facebook “addict” like so many others, and I’m also curious how Mark Zuckerberg “leveled” Facebook to become the top social network today. So I am very interested in the stories of this billionaire. Below I want to share with everyone some interesting things about Mark that I have read (and maybe a few other friends have also read through.

10 interesting facts few people notice about Facebook founder – Mark Zuckerberg

  1. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook at the age of 19, in the Harvard University dormitory.
  2. The Facebook owner is not a very skilled programmer, he first learned programming through a book called C ++ for dummies.
  3. The main color and logo color that dominates Facebook’s color scheme is blue, which is rumored to be the color Mark likes, but the simple truth is because he is blind in red and green and blue is the color he likes. best seen.
  4. In The social network – the 2010 Facebook story of the origins, Zuckerberg is said to found the company because he could not join a glamorous Harvard food club and suffered from women. sneeze. Obviously this is not true and the film has been publicly criticized by the owner :)))
  5. Mark said he is a vegetarian, and he also said that he will only eat meat if he kills the animal himself. However, netizens’ squinting eyes still reveal that among his likes on Facebook page, there are McDonald’s and In-N-Out Burger. Maybe because he likes “wrong” or follow up to buy for his wife and children for example, you know 
  6. He also set up an account on Twitter – the main competitor of Facebook, in 2009. Not sure if it was for good research or to show his spirit of harmony, but within four years, he also managed to tweet 19 times. .
  7. The young billionaire is considered the “richest person” because despite a lot of money, it seems that every day, people only see him wearing oddly monotonous gray T-shirts. In fact, it is a Brunello Cucinelli design that costs $ 325 each and the simple reason for this tireless repetition is that he is lazy to think about what to wear every day for the right fashion. level.
  8. According to the report, there is a group of 12 people helping Mark manage his personal facebook: from reviewing comments, writing status to uploading pictures and videos.
  9. Mark always tries everything to make sure his private life is completely private, even when it comes to financial power and litigation. Mark bought a piece of land in Hawaii for $ 100 million in 2014. However, he made residents extremely uncomfortable when he built a 1.8m high wall around his land, blocking all the range. overlooking the sea of ​​people. Later, he almost sued everyone here, thinking they had invaded their privacy while walking through his land. Furthermore, Mark also tried to demolish four houses around his home in Palo Alto, California.
  10. Beast – His Hungarian original shepherd dog has a fanpage that attracts more than 2.5 million likes. Mark’s daughter is also a fan of Beast.


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