Chrome 89 officially launched, boots up 13% faster


Chrome 89 officially launched. Google is developing a technology that can reduce the system resource consumption of Chrome to a minimum, this technology is called PartitionAlloc. According to the Chromium website, PartitionAlloc is simply understood as a RAM allocator, responsible for allocating enough RAM to Chrome components that are using resources without making Chrome eat up too much RAM. After a long period of development, recently, Google also released Chrome 89 supporting PartitionAlloc technology to help both the PC and Android versions to be more optimized and “eats” less RAM.

Chrome 89 officially launched, boots up 13% faster

Specifically, in the latest Google Chrome 89 update brings improved RAM management, helps Chrome start up 13% faster, saves RAM up to 22% and reduces GPU usage by 3% compared to session. previous version. Chrome is also smarter about how to use and remove RAM, for example the browser can now reclaim up to 100 MiB per tab by removing RAM that the foreground tab is not using. Overall, Google Chrome 89 comes with an improved browser responsiveness of up to 9%, Google explained.

“ In addition to improving memory allocation, Chrome is now smarter at using (and removing) memory. Chrome is now able to reclaim up to 100MiB per tab, even up more than 20% on some popular websites. By removing memory that the foreground tab is not using, such as large images that you’ve scrolled off the screen. Chrome is also narrowing its memory space in background tabs on macOS, something we’ve been doing on other platforms for a while now. We’re seeing 8% more memory savings, over 1GiB in some cases, ”explains Google.

Chrome 89 for Android will improve RAM usage and at the same time launch 7.5% faster than previous versions. Google also claims 22% better browser performance, 8% better rendering, and 3% better GPU improvement. Additionally, a 64-bit version of Google Chrome for Android will be made available to devices running Android 10 with 8GB of RAM or higher. The 64-bit Chrome app promises 8.5% faster load times and 28% smoother scrolling and less input lag.


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