Download Facebook Video (no quality loss) – New 2021


 Download Facebook Video (no quality loss). Can be downloaded in the following sections:

  • Group Facebook (Private Group)
  • Video page
  • Comment Video
  • Video on Watch
  • Friend video


Download Facebook Video (no quality loss) – New 2021

If you can’t download the video please click on the video and check if the URL has a type like, you can right click and choose Download this video or click icon in the extension and select “Download Current URL”, it should work now.

High quality videos are divided into 2 files, 1 separate video file, 1 separate audio file when you watch it in the browser, it loads both, if you want to download the same high quality as when you watch, in Google Chrome you press F12 to open the tab Network then select XHR, search mp4 for video file, webm for audio file, when you get the url of the audio file or video file you delete the part &bytestart={vài số ở đây}&byteend={vài số ở đây}in the url to download, sometimes the audio file is mp4 also not necessarily I have to webm and extension I get the video to run including the audio, so sometimes some videos have to download 2 files like I said above and download with the extension, the size will be reduced.


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