Flutter version 2.0 is officially released – Performance is extreme


 Flutter version 2.0 is officially released

Flutter version 2.0 is officially released – Performance is extreme

Flutter, the programming platform for mobile apps, has officially released v2.0 with the title: “Flutter is not just even mobile framework”.
First, the biggest change comes from “Flutter for Web”. Previously we could still use Flutter to code the Web, but only with beta channel only. With Flutter v2.0, the development team also officially “downgraded” the web platform. Flutter Web has turned into a stable (stable, ready for production).
Not only that, Flutter now also supports desktop app development ( software running on the desktop) with the support of giant Microsoft. We will soon see popular software appear on Surface computers, but now they are written with Flutter.
For those who love hardware devices, using Linux as the operating system, Flutter now also supports a lot more APIs so that we can develop related ecosystems. For example, Toyota has decided to choose Flutter to develop an infotainment system on their car models.
It can be seen that, in the not too distant future, applications from many different platforms will likely be developed with Flutter. This will be great news for those of you who are using Flutter. If you still don’t know what Flutter is, you should find out!

And there are many updates that 200Lab has compiled and compiled into a shared slide in this post. Let’s wait and see how badly Flutter will be.


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