How to check who is good at Facebook (iPhone and Android)


 See who’s cool on my facebook (iPhone and Android). Surely you are very curious about who is the person who regularly visits your facebook the most every day. Maybe the person you’re “Crush” about? Try to see who that person is with the test that we share right in this article content.

How to see who has the most Facebook access on your iPhone

This method only applies to iPhone phones currently on Android operating systems that are not available. One more thing is that this is only an experimental feature, has not been officially applied to all current iPhone models, so there will be some accounts displayed and some accounts not. If your phone supports and updates this function for Facebook, you can do the following:

Step 1:  Log into Facebook on your phone => At the phone interface, select the 3 dashes icon => Settings & Privacy => Privacy shortcuts

Step 2:  In the Privacy shortcuts => click on “Who viewed my profile?”

At this point there will be a list of your friends who regularly visit your wall. The people who visit the most will show up first and then easily tell you who it is.

How to see who visits my facebook the most on Android phones

Because there is no “Who viewed my profile?” Entry on Android OS So you try the following method to do it:

Step 1:  Open the Google Chrome web browser on your phone => Go to the 3 dashes icon => Select Website for computer

Step 2:  Enter the address on the web browser => Login to your Facebook.

Step 3:  After logging in, add “view-source:” into the Facebook link you just logged in => Click find page => Write “-2” in the box “Search on page”

Step 4:  Right after that, you will be redirected to a window containing the “-2” character you just found. Then a list of 100xxxxxxxxx-2 IDs will appear.

Step 5:  You leave “-2” behind and copy an ID and paste it into the address bar behind the Facebook link. => Search => Immediately will display the personal page of people who regularly visit your wall.


In fact, the way to see who visits Facebook the  most does not bring 100% absolute results. This is just a little fun for those who are curious. Sometimes the result is that people are texting or regularly liking and interacting with you. Thank you for following the content of this article!


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