Synthesize free iOS apps on the App Store by 2021


Free iOS Apps On the App Store currently, there are some pretty cool iOS apps available for free for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for a short time. Please refer to and quickly download it before this promotion ends. Note that the paid apps are free / discounted for a short time and are subject to change at any time without notice, some need to switch to the US or Japan region to enjoy the offer. .

Download  Split Screen: MultiTasking Web  (Free Install)

This application will give you the ability to split the screen when using a web browser, with three main modes: split vertically, split horizontally and quadruple.

Download  Split Screen: MultiTasking Web  (Free Install)

Download  PhotoPhix  (Free Install)

The app provides collages, borders, text labels, splash colors, stickers, clip art, masks / shapes, frames, effects, filters, drawings on your photos … all possible. made possible with PhotoPhix! There are unlimited possibilities to create your own collage.

Download  PhotoPhix 

Download  ColorCamera – Color Picker  (Free Install)

Download  ColorCamera – Color Picker

If you are a color user and need a tool to help get color codes quickly, this application can turn the iPhone into an extremely convenient color scanner, using quite simple. Simple, giving you the convenience and fastness.

Tải về Video Trim -Cut And Clip Vide‪o‬ (Free Install)

Video Trim -Cut And Clip Vide‪o‬

Submit video editing professional , allowing users to perform tasks such as editing and applying color filters or effects to videos right on their smartphone without having to transfer to a computer.

Download  Camera X _ Manual adjustments

Download  Camera X _ Manual adjustments

The application supports high-quality photo and video recording, provides professional customization features that allow manual adjustments, exposure control, focus (auto / manual), scale in white, the RAW file on both the front / rear camera, and many other tools just like a real camera .

Download  Camera Angle  (Free Install)

Download  Camera Angle

The application supports symmetrical photography, provides sample frames that make every detail in each of your pictures fit and balanced.

Download  AlphaBlur Image Effects

Download  AlphaBlur Image Effects

This application will help you create background blur effect with precise subject focus, thanks to built-in artificial intelligence to separate and apply special effects on the background of the image.

Download  AirDisk Pro  (Free Install)

Download  AirDisk Pro

AirDisk Pro application allows you to access, view, and manage files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can connect to AirDisk Pro from any Mac or PC over Wi-Fi and move files by drag and drop straight from Finder or Windows Explorer.

Download  Speckle – Lens bokeh  (Free Install)

Download  Speckle – Lens bokeh

This is a photo editing application that helps to highlight subjects by applying bokeh effects without the use of specialized camera lenses.


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