The 4 most prestigious Grammys awards 2021 have owners


 The important award categories at the 2021 Grammy Awards were officially owned.



Best Album – Taylor Swift

The category “Best Album” of the Grammy 2021 went to singer Taylor Swift with the album “Folklore”.

Taylor Swift’s masterpiece is highly appreciated by experts and has an almost overwhelming number of votes. In addition, the record numbers that “Folklore” have been set up since its release, such as the first place on the Billbroad chart or the album with the highest number of pre-orders … are the main reasons for Taylor Swift to add. Success in his career again.

Best Record – Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish continues to make a mark when winning consecutive awards since 2016, with 5 Grammy awards to become the most successful young female artist in the US-UK music industry.

The latest song that helped her win the category “Best Record” is “Everything I Wanted”, marking an impressive comeback in the past 2020.

Song of the Year – HER

Female singer born in 1997 – HER (Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson) won the category “Song of the Year”. With the song “I Can’t Breathe”, she frankly spoke out about the racism situation in America.

This is also considered a highly appreciated song in HER career because of its strong influence on the listener.

Best New Artist – Megan Thee Stallion

“Best New Artist” is one of the four important awards of the Grammy Awards and Megan Thee Stallion is the face to be “named”. In 2020, with the song “Savage”, the female singer has created an unprecedented trend on social network TikTok, very popular with young people.


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