The game “catch fish” to test strong and weak machines


Getting fish to test strong and weak machines. In recent times, the game that measures the power of computers or phones using the aquarium website to see which device can run the most fish is being shared a lot by the internet community, so what is this game really, whether it has reflect the power of the machine or not?

First, let’s talk about where this virtual aquarium came from and you will know its use. This is a benchmark tool released by Microsoft in 2011 to test the performance of a standard HTML5 website. This tool comes with the IE9 browser. Later when the IE 10, Microsoft improved the “aquarium” a bit, giving users more options, this is also the version that you tested in the past time.

Thus, this fishing game is not really showing the power of the machine but the performance of the browser HTML5 processing. If the same browser, the same network, the powerful machine will have more fish, but mostly thanks to the optimization of the browser. For example, when I tried on IE 11 it was about 300+ children, but switched to Chrome this number was almost double. When switching to a more powerful machine, Chrome “caught” 900 “children”, on Opera there were 280 “children”. Alternatively, on your computer you can use a VGA High performance mode browser to catch more fish.

This is similar on mobile, different browsers will give different number of fish, like on my device on Chrome is about 400 children, and on the default browser, it is only 250 children.

If you try it on the same browser and on the same network, a more powerful machine will usually give more fish and like many other benchmark tools, the fish from this website is for reference only because of the power of a computer or smartphone. In actual use, it will be different from the benchmark test.

And if you want to try other tests, Microsoft has many other tools including the 3D aquarium version to test the browser’s WebGL support as below. This is an upgraded version of the aforementioned 2D aquarium.

And this website   is where Microsoft hosts many of its toolkits, you can try it out.

Above is what I know about the happy aquarium that the online community is sharing lately. If you have any more knowledge, please share it.

Reference:  Microsoft ,  azurewebsite


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