The reason I wouldn’t buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 trio


 “I won’t buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 trio”

The reason I wouldn’t buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 trio

The article shows the writer’s personal opinion.

After nearly 10 years of researching technology, I found that in the early smartphone era, there were a lot of things that I was interested in both in terms of features and style. From the Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S3 is a big change, or like the Galaxy Note is a phone with a very large screen with a pen used to take notes …

However, as time goes on, those factors are increasingly going into the trails, the exterior design is no longer as diverse as before or there are too many “redundant” things, like 8K movie recording, 100x zoom camera. or 4K screen resolution …
There is no denying that the Galaxy S21 3 is a good product, but I feel that since I bought the Galaxy S10 + to use, the devices released later on make me “bored”.
If the actual experience is like, how is it? I made my comment after trying the S21 Ultra as follows:

(1) The hand grip experience is quite compact;
(2) Large screen size, high brightness;
(3) The processor is “a little bit faster” – the machine I’m using is actually powerful enough to handle a lot of tasks and it’s really hard to tell between 8GB and 12GB of RAM;
(4) 108MP camera, 100x zoom is the main thing to make color, but normally it only shoot at 12MP resolution if 108MP is not turned on;
(5) OneUI 3.1 has some additional features – but in fact, if the company updates it, it also has the same features;
(6) 5G technology is not widely available.
So why do I take the S21 Ultra as a reference to compare with the S10 +? (1) At least the S21 Ultra does not have the screen resolution downgrade like S21 and S21 +, nor does it keep what the S10 + has: curved screens; (2) They are all the most high-end devices at the time of their launch in Vietnam.
It is from the above factors, unless I get reclaimed S10 + or I get one of the three S21 series at no charge, I will not buy the S21 trio for the following reasons:
(1) Instead of putting accessories in a box, now there must be at least 3 boxes, including the box, charger box and headset box, because there are only … charging cords and tools to open the tray;
(2) The cost to compensate is so high that its upgrades are quite small or even negligible;
(3) Through the era of racing with technology and I only need a machine to be supported and long-term software update to prolong using time and thereby protect the environment.
In short, if I get a score, let’s say S10 + gets 5 points, S21 and S21 + get 4, and S21 Ultra gets 6.
Source: Bach Anh Quan


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