Virus Virus Repair 100% Successful Tool – Ransomware!


 Ransomware virus decryption tool !

What it is but just have to be basic, go over and see what it is!

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is an encryption virus. Ransomware is known for its harm: encrypting data and demanding a ransom.

Ransomware infects users’ computers in many ways:
– Included in free software packages on the Internet. When users download and install, Ransomware will infect the computer.
Attached in e-mail sent to user mailboxes. When reading the message and clicking on the attachment, the Ransomware infects the computer.
– Attached in malicious or fraudulent links such as: “exposed” clip, HOT TREND clip, Video sharing link, free application or software … attracts the curiosity of users to click and install. Ransomware to the computer.
And many other ways that users can not foresee, but accidentally install Ransomware on your computer.
Ransomware was born very early but started to explode and become famous thanks to WannaCry virus, and is also the number 1 malware for hackers to install to capture and “kill” victims.
With some malicious code from 2012-2014 period, most of them rarely use Ransomware, I also try and play naughty, but most of them are digging Bitcoin!

Virus Virus Repair 100% Successful Tool – Ransomware!

Link tool

Some of the files that are encoded by viruses that the tool in the article mentioned can be solved:

.shadow, .djvu, .djvur, .djvuu, .udjvu, .uudjvu, .djvuq, .djvus, .djvur, .djvut, .pdff, .tro, .tfude, .tfudet, .tfudeq, .rumba, .adobe, .adobee, .blower, .promos, .promoz, .promorad, .promock, .promok, .promorad2, .kroput, .kroput1, .pulsar1, .kropun1, .charck, .klope, .kropun, .charcl, .doples, .luces, .luceq, .chech, .proden, .drume, .tronas, .trosak, .grovas, .grovat, .roland, .refols, .raldug, .etols, .guvara, .browec, .norvas, .moresa, .vorasto, .hrosas, .kiratos, .todarius, .hofos, .roldat, .dutan, .sarut, .fedasot, .berost, .forasom, .fordan, .codnat, .codnat1, .bufas, .dotmap, .radman, .ferosas, .rectot, .skymap, .mogera, .rezuc, .stone, .redmat, .lanset, .davda, .poret, .pidom, .pidon, .heroset, .boston, .muslat, .gerosan, .vesad, .horon, .neras, .truke, .dalle, .lotep, .nusar, .litar, .besub, .cezor, .lokas, .godes, .budak, .vusad, .herad, .berosuce, .gehad, .gusau, .madek, .darus, .tocue, .lapoi, .todar, .dodoc, .bopador, .novasof, .ntuseg, .ndarod, .access, .format, .nelasod, .mogranos, .cosakos, .nvetud, .lotej, .kovasoh, .prandel, .zatrov, .masok, .brusaf, .londec, .krusop, .mtogas, .nasoh, .nacro, .pedro, .nuksus, .vesrato, .masodas, .cetori, .stare, .carote

However, there are many coding viruses that currently have no solution, please use the following AV tools:
  • 1: Growers:
  • 2: Use other decryption tools of world famous Antivirus firms such as Kaspersky, Avast, Megabytes, … ..
  • 3: Contact computer repair centers (professional), network security experts, security experts, or “HACKER IF YOU KNOW”.
  • 4: If you have used the above 3 steps and failed, please format the entire hard drive (recommended), but if any partition is hidden and not encrypted, it can still be encrypted and cannot be restored. .
If it is important data then remove the hard drive, disconnect from the internet and not be connected to avoid malicious code updates and algorithm updates and wait for the antidote from security experts!
The time when there is no medicine for that, waiting for when it is available, it is difficult not to let the malware update to be!
Hopefully the tips, the above methods will help you who are suffering from, also want to learn this array but unfortunately do not follow. When I have a new tip I will upload!
Good luck!!!
Update: there are many doctors who directly give teamviwer, do not trust strangers with the id and password and do not reveal it, but they can upload the malicious code to the controlled human computer.
We still have a lot of things we don’t know. Malicious code does not exclude 1 person. Whether you are a hot facebook , an actor, a celebrity or even an expert will stick if you do not know how to detect and destroy!
Malicious code is not suddenly generated and lost, they are controlled by humans. Nothing it “enters” the computer by itself, is downloaded and launched by the user itself. The most dangerous is spreading through email attachments (email) and LAN loopholes. Fix Virus infected file


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