Who is David Warren? Why is Goole honored?


 Who is David Warren ? Why is Google honored? Today is the 96th anniversary of the birthday of scientist David Warren – the father of today’s black box airplane.

Who is David Warren? Why is Goole honored?

David Ronald de Mey Warren AO (born March 20, 1925, died July 19, 2010) is an Australian scientist, famous for the invention and development of flight data recorders and voice recorders. cockpit (also known as FDR, CVR and “black box”).

David Warren was born on March 20 on the remote island of Groote Eylandt off Australia’s northern coast. He received his doctorate in fuel and energy research from Imperial College London.

When David Warren was just 11 years old, his biological father died in a mysterious plane crash off the southern coast of Australia. His last gift to David was a crystal set. David found he could listen to the movie after turning off the lights in the school dormitory and became interested in electronics.

After returning to Australia, David Warren embarked on a 31-year career at the Aviation Research Laboratory (ARL) of the Commonwealth of Nations in Melbourne.

In its introduction to the Doodle March 20, on the 96th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Warren, Google said he faced initial skepticism when building the “black box”. However, Dr. Warren developed an experimental prototype on his own, creating the world’s first “black box”. The remarkable point is that the first “black box” model built by David Warren was painted in red.

The rudimentary device designed by David Warren becomes the first device capable of storing sound combined with aircraft data, a major breakthrough in aerospace technology, according to Google.

Today, Dr. David Warren’s prototype-equivalent modern invention is a must-have device in the cockpit worldwide, playing an integral role in the continual improvement of aviation safety standards, Google emphasize.

The Google Doodle March 20 brings a message of thanks to Dr. David Warren’s selfless dedication to making air travel safer for people everywhere.

David Warren’s 96th anniversary of the birth of the Google Doodle has reached Google users across Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and Thailand.


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