Get a free HITMAN 3 Access Pass on the Epic Games Store


 HITMAN 3 Access Pass is similar to a DLC package, allowing you to access all the locations from HITMAN 1 – GOTY Edition and HITMAN 2 (part of the World of Assassination trio) in the same game . Currently, this Access Pass package is permanently donated through the Epic Game Store platform, invite you to consult and quickly receive it for free.

A brief introduction to HITMAN 3:  This is the 3rd edition of this series. The game begins with 47 having to flee from a mental hospital and have to roll into the game with SWAT wanted. Character 47 with a bald white head with a barcode on the back of the neck will travel through different countries: Russia, the Netherlands, China, France …, quietly assassinating targets from a noble , a high-ranking general to gang bosses.

In this new version, 50% are using the same scenarios as previous versions with 6 quests in a row, though, there has been a sizable change in terrain that makes in-game action feel More real than the times when you have to choose the action position to get optimal results. With the criterion of reaching the level of Silent Assassin with 3 levels of action Normal, Expect and Professional, 12 quests are not too short … ” 

Get a free HITMAN 3 Access Pass on the Epic Games Store

Step 1:  First you must own the original game HITMAN 3, this is part of the requirement. Starter pack is currently free on the Epic Games Store:  HITMAN 3 – HITMAN 3 – Free Starter Pack

Step 2:  Access  HITMAN 3 Access Pass link: HITMAN 1 GOTY Edition page

Step 3:  You will see this plugin is being SALE on for $ 5.99. However, when you press the BUY NOW button, the discount will be 100% off and you can get the game completely free.


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