How to download and install Microsoft Edge Chromium for computers, phones



Since its inception, Microsoft Edge uses the Chromium kernel that has really made a name and competes with other leading browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, … The following article will guide you how to download and Simple Edge Chromium installation for your computer.

firstWhat is Microsoft Edge? What is Edge Chromium?

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed exclusively for Windows 10 , replacing the already familiar Internet Explorer . This is a  breakthrough innovation  of Microsoft when deciding to remove a  “legendary” web browsing , giving users a superior browser   in all aspects.

However, Microsoft Edge still has many limitations in terms of capacity and speed, so Microsoft has decided to launch a new version using the Chromium kernel called Edge Chromium with many of the same features as Google Chrome.

2The pros and cons of Edge Chromium


Able to browse the web at high speed , along with good security . User -friendly browser , simple and easy to use. Website content can be previewed with clean and orderly layout.

Nature highly personalized , users can easily customize the interface according to your preferences. Microsoft Edge or Edge Chromium is a browser created specifically for Windows 10, with absolute compatibility , and can be combined with many other utilities such as Cortana , OneNote , …

Also, support for on-site notes , a feature that hardly any other browser can do. 


However, in retrospect, Edge Chromium is still pretty nascent compared to older web browsers, such as Google Chrome . This browser is currently being completed and still lacks many attractive features such as: Synchronize accounts, passwords on Google; There is no password hint feature.

3How to download and install Microsoft Edge Chromium for a computer

Edge Chromium was originally released in Edge Dev and Edge Canary versions. However, after months of testing, Microsoft Edge now using the Chromium kernel has officially launched to users.

Microsoft Edge

This is the most stable version of all 4 versions, with features that will often be popular and familiar with users.

Microsoft Edge Beta 

This version will be less stable than the Stable version, but instead, experimental features are also available to users widely, and collect bug fixes and experience reviews for better.

Microsoft Edge Beta has just been released recently , using Chromium core with extremely light capacity, fast web browsing speed and will update every 6 weeks .

Microsoft Edge Dev

This is a developer version , the features in this version are being gradually improved and put into experience in Beta.

Edge Dev will update weekly , with many features never appeared before, suitable for users who want to experience and explore.

Microsoft Edge Canary 

This is the least stable version , the one with the latest features. Usually this version is for application developers to check compatibility and update daily .

After downloading one of the above versions to your computer, just open the installation file and the browser will automatically be installed. Then you can turn it on and use it normally.

4How to download and install Microsoft Edge Chromium for Android and iOS phones

In addition to popular versions for computers and laptops, Microsoft also offers Edge Chromium versions for Android and iOS phones . You can download the experience from the following link:


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