Tim Cook could leave Apple 10 years from now – Latest news


Apple CEO Tim Cook says he doesn’t expect to stay in the company for the next decade, but has no plans to step down.

Tim Cook could leave Apple 10 years from now

In an in-depth interview with New York Times writer Kara Swisher, Tim Cook declined to talk about the succession plans, but responded as to how long he could continue to lead the company.

Cook is entering his 10th year as CEO at Apple, and in the interview, Swisher specifically asked if he will be there for another 10 years.

“Ten years from now? ” Cook said. “Probably not. But I can tell you that I feel great right now and have no intention of leaving. But ten years from now is a long time – and maybe not ten more years.” “

Swisher asked him what his plans were after leaving, the CEO replied:

“I don’t know because I love the company so much, it’s hard to imagine my life without it,” he said.

Cook’s 10th anniversary will take place in August. He ran Apple during certain times during the time when co-founder Steve Jobs was sick. However, he took over officially on August 24, 2011.


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